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I MET YOU FIRST (in production)


TO EACH HER OWN FILMS is currently editing their 4th LGBTQ Feature Film!

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Dramedy- A monogamist at heart forces herself to actively “date around” in search of the girlfriend of her dreams.


















Do you believe in soulmates? Regardless, the search for that special someone is an aspect of happiness that many embrace. Some of us are lucky with love, but for others finding “the one” often seems futile. “I Met You First” is a dramedy about the ups, downs, laughs and sorrows of finding the person that you want to spend the rest of your life with. Psychology major Charlie has a tendency to overanalyze things; ironically she falls fast and hard for all the wrong girls. Fed up with heartbreak and fleeting relationships, she decides to take a less romantic approach to dating. Monogamist at heart, Charlie forces herself to actively date around in search of the girlfriend of her dreams. She refuses to fall for the next seemingly perfect woman just because happenstance has them crossing paths. There are plenty of fish in the sea, surely if she puts as much diligence and determination into dating as she does into her career, she’ll find true love. Taking the stance that love is a numbers game, Charlie is bound and set on cracking the mathematics and science behind fate. In the time of internet dating, there are a plethora of wonderful queer ladies to pick from; why settle for just one? Logistics don’t always hold up when it comes to matters of the heart, and eventually Charlie’s authentic nature and innate conscience get the best of her as she realizes she can’t live in casual bliss forever. She must decide between sex goddess Dayle, a spontaneous and artistic wanderlust, and Nicole, a spiritual, beautiful, nurturing and family oriented soul. Charlie struggles to make the right decision; weighing the pros and cons and wanting to avoid acting on impulse. Why can’t she choose? Shouldn’t destiny be a little more obvious?